The Serval we took in and performed emergency surgery for a intestinal blockage due to a rubber toy is healed and going to a new home! Thousands of dollars were spent on this cat to save its life! Dr a Parrott and Dr Nenezian donated their time. Carsons wildlife refuge in Gainesville will give her a home! Many " roadside attractions" keep these animal with no veterinary care or preventative medicine. This " " Throw away" got lucky!Type your paragraph here.

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Dr. Parrott is federally and state licensed for wildlife rehabilitation and is on call for the State of Florida Wildlife Fish & Game Commission. At St. Charles Veterinary Hospital we are trained in wildlife rehabilitation and treat those injured animals who are capable of being treated and released.


God’s Helping Hands is a 501(c)3 that was originally started in 2001 by Terri Parrott, DVM and her three daughters while living on a farm outside of Lake Wales, Florida. When GHH was first started Dr. Parrott, her family and many volunteers helped to establish an avenue for injured and rehabilitate wildlife as well as facilitate equestrian therapeutic riding for children with disabilities. The charge of this not for profit organization has always been to serve the best interest of animals who can not take care of themselves, namely injured wildlife.

Gods Helping Hands

Wildlife Rehabilitation


Founded: 2001

Owner: Dr. Terri Parrott, DVM


Areas of expertise: 

Captive primate medicine as well as large cats and large reptiles.